Customer Care

Some say being self-employed means that one don't have a boss. While I would agree with that, I would also say it means that ones purpose is to serve their clients, making sure they are satisfied and fulfilled with each transaction.  Truly one is only able to be self-employed because of their patrons. Around 2015, after a decade as a career waiter, I began my journey as a full time artist.  Catalyzed by a shoulder injury, I dove right in to the artist's life, leaving my kushy job and my rented room. I moved into my van with $80 dollars to my name, with no guaranteed or scheduled income. Immediately, I happened to find a hat that said 'Funemployable', and scored an entire estate of crystals from a lapidary artist, who had passed away. Be it Fate or Chance, the universe had my back, and was propelling me towards my dreams of being a full time artist.

 I started as a hippie street vendor and worked my way up. I evolved from vending copper jewelry off a tapestry on the ground, to utilizing a 4 foot pop-up table, to eventually rockin a full booth setup. Every few months I read a few more articles, heard a few more anecdotes, and brainstormed about how to be a better career artist. Now, in 2019, I am launching a professional website and about to do my first full season at a Saturday Market. I am excited for the future and recognize that it is only possible due to the patronage of my customers. For that reason, I do everything I can to go above and beyond. I approach my Patrons with respect, communication, and dedication. I am excited for what the future holds.

 If you would like to contact me for any reason, please feel free to reach out via DM through any of my myriad social network profiles, linked at the top of the page. If you don't use social networks then you may email me. Thank you for your support and for helping me live my dreams. Bless you and yours. -Patches

Privacy & Safety

PatchesFlows operates via the built in systems provided by Your privacy is of the highest importance to us, so if there are any issue, just reach out to me, and we will find a solution.

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale orders are definitely available. We can supply parcels of gemstones, cabochons, jewelry, stickers, patches, and more. Please contact us with any details that you have in mind. We will respond ASAP (usually 0-2 days).


Payment Methods Accepted

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